Constancy of features

In high frequency each transformer has to be mechanically identical to the others of the same model.
In fact, also some little modifications in placing the winding turns bring to different coupling between the windings. But a different coupling means different electromagnetic behaviour of the transformers and a consequently malfunctioning of the electronic circuit applications where the transformers are inserted.

Although a worker is very good in his job, he cannot maintain the same mechanical accuracy a working day long with using manual winding machines, where the perfect placement of the turns depends exclusively on his capability.
Sirio solved this problem with important and new machinery for the winding and soldering automatic lines. Those lines guarantee a mechanical accuracy lower than one tenth of a millimeter.

Since the automatic machines are controlled by computers, the mistakes possibilities (like wrong counting of turns or insulating materials layers) are eliminated.
Furthermore, the machines guarantee a perfect connection of the wires to the output pins and a good level of the soldering is also controlled automatically.
Finally, the high automation, besides the positive influence on the production quality, reduces the production times, therefore it allows to reduce also the production costs.