High Insulation in very thin thickness

A transformer that works in high frequency has two opposite requirements:

  • a good coupling between the windings to reduce the leakage inductance as much as possible: this means that the windings are close each other;
  • a good insulation between the same windings to enable a high insulation between the low voltage parts and high voltage parts of the circuit: this means that it is necessary to introduce insulating raw materials between the windings. But this means an increase of the distance between the windings with a negative effect on the leakage inductance. The insulating materials put between the windings have to be particularly good because they have to support changes of electric potential of big amplitude, with frequency of thousands of times per second, and with a life of many years. Also the room temperature affects the behaviour of the insulating materials, and it is necessary to take it into account.

Sirio can obtain a good compromise between the two above mentioned opposite requirements reducing the thickness of the insulation at the minimum level: it is possible to reach these results with a suitable choice of raw materials and with the under-vacuum-casting technology.
Sirio owns 5 casting equipment of little, middle and big dimensions.
The pre-drying and post-hardening processes of cast transformers complete the above mentioned technology. With such a technological know-how Sirio is able to reach 20kV/mm insulation.