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Sirio company has always stood out for its internal activity of research and development since its establishment.
Research means: study of new raw materials available on the market (magnetic materials, insulating materials, conductors, etc.); thorough analysis on new technologies for the realization of components (in particular for the automation of the productive procedures); analysis of the requirements coming from customers; continue updating on the evolution of high frequency power conversion; study of the standards that regulate this sector. Based on that standards R&D can create some standard components.

Development is the activity process through which the requests from customers' technical offices are made concrete becoming real components. The development of a new transformers requires a close cooperation between the converter designer, that needs a special transformer, and Sirio Engineers. The design begins from the customer specifications through the different phases of the component development. After a first commercial evaluation, R&D makes some calculations finding some possible solutions. Then, the choice of the solution that best meets all project requirements is taken at the same time with combining the productive technologies that are available.

The choice of the definitive solution and its optimization is obtained by mean of special software products for the calculation execution, developed by the R&D team over the years, and for the simulation of electromagnetic fields, indispensable for the development of power components.
Each development is supported by a prototype phase: at this point, after the agreement of the solution with the customer, the project on paper becomes a concrete component which best uses the automatic productive technologies and is based on raw materials standardization.
Afterwords, the customer receives some samples for tests on his application and the subsequent approval.