Reliability in time

Our transformers are inserted into industrial equipment that have to work correctly for many years. Therefore it is necessary that they have a longer life than that of the equipment.
The reliability in time of Sirio transformers is obtained through the combination of different elements:

  • use of high quality raw materials;
  • checking of production processes with tests that follow the production progress step by step;
  • final inspection on 100% production.


Sirio has a large fleet of instruments and automatic machinery for control.
But there are two other important elements that influence positively the reliability in time:

  • the certified procedures of projecting, production and inspection: Sirio company is certified ISO 9001 since many years;
  • the absence of partial discharges inside the insulation in the working voltage range of the transformer.

The partial discharges damage the insulation over time and consequently cause short circuits inside the transformers. How to solve this problem and find out the partial discharges, if present?
The Sirio technology of vacuum casting allows to eliminate the presence of air vacuoles, and so also the partial discharges inside the insulation layers.
Furthermore the company has some instruments that can sense partial discharges, even few pico Coulomb, with voltage tests till 30 kV.
Sirio is more than 35 years old because the reliability of its components is excellent.