High Insulation

Features constancy

Reliability in time


To produce a high frequency transformer it is necessary to have a good theoretical knowledge of electromagnetic phenomena, an in-depth knowledge of the raw materials that are used and a good experience of the production techniques.
The technology used by Sirio is on the whole the combination of above mentioned knowledge. Some of those technologies allow Sirio to obtain important results that bring high technical value in Sirio products.
A transformer that is working in high frequency has to meet several technical requirements, that are normally summed up on the data sheet.

The requirements can change from one transformer to another. But there are some common requirements:

  • high insulation in very thin thickness of the insulating material;
  • the constancy of the electrical features of the products: all components have to be as much identical as possible;
  • the reliability of the components in time.

Above features are obtained by Sirio through a specific technology developed during the years by R&D Department.