Sirio is specialized in development and production of high frequency inductive components for applications in the industrial field, where high insulation and reliability are required.
The main product families are following ones:

1. Pulse and Drive Transformers

  • to drive IGBTs, MOSFETs, Power BJTs, Thyristors working at different frequencies;

2. Current Transformers

  • for applications at mains frequency (50-60 Hz);
  • for measurement applications at high accuracy;
  • for high frequency applications, for control circuits and protection of electronic switching devices;

3. Switch Mode Transformers

  • for low power (till some hundreds of Watts);
  • for high power (from 1 to 20 kW);

4. Inductors

  • output inductors (to limit the current hunching of a DC/DC converter);
  • for non-insulated converters, as PFC, Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost.