Factory Tools

The development of special components for high frequency has to be always combined with their features analysis (especially if high working voltage is required and if there are critical ambient conditions) to verify that the initial theoretical evaluation corresponds to reality.
For this reason Sirio opened a laboratory for R&D Department, that is updated year after year, and new instruments are added in order to meet the requirements coming from new research and from the development of new products.



In particular Sirio has:

  • stabilized power supplies at mains frequency (voltage and current generators);
  • stabilized power supplies at direct current;
  • digital accuracy multimeters for measurements at alternating and direct current;
  • RLC bridges for Ohm, inductive and capacity measurements;
  • last generation of digital oscilloscope;
  • thermic chamber for temperature measurements and thermic cycles from -70 to 180°C;
  • instrument for insulation tests with partial discharges sampler for voltages till 30 kVrms;
  • instrument for pulse insulation tests;
  • additional drive circuits for measurements of voltage-time area and rise time;
  • additional instruments and equipment.